How To Choose a New Bookmaker For MTB Betting

How To Choose a New Bookmaker For MTB Betting

MTB Betting isn’t quite as big as cycling enthusiasts would like. But it is still a lucrative market. So if you want to get in on the action, you need to find yourself a new bookmaker, preferably someone you can trust.

If the world of MTB betting is absolutely new to you, then you should keep the following factors in mind when choosing a new MTB Betting bookmaker:

  1. Margins
  2. As with most betting circles, you need to think about the margins that the MTB marketing is running at. This is something you could calculate for yourself, though it might be easier to seek experienced assistance.

    Margins speak to the profit bookmakers make. The less profit an operator is taking from the MTB market the better. That much should be obvious. Find a bookmaker that is running at a percentage you can live with.

  3. Market Value
  4. Some of the smaller bookmakers might think it unfair but market value matters. This is why the likes of Bet365 keep dominating the industry. Simply put, the more industry-leading prices a bookmaker puts out on cycling, the more profitable your MTB Bets will be.

  5. Features
  6. This goes without saying. Pay close attention to the features on offer, in particular, live in-play betting.

    You also need to look for bookmakers with attractive promotions that make it much easier to find your footing in the world of cycling. A series of competitive promotions and odds could make all the difference to your betting career.

  7. Security
  8. The best MTB Bookmakers should have a reputation for security. This applies not only to your financial transactions but also to the information you volunteer on a daily basis.

  9. Betting Markets
  10. MTB betting is still a growing field. Cycling is popular but it is hardly a dominant force. That being said, you need to be cognizant of the betting markets and options offered by new bookmakers that might have piqued your interest.

This includes race and stage winner bets. These deal with the race winner market and focus on the first rider to cross the line on a particular day. They also encompass the stage races that take place over a number of days.

Then you have the classification markets which allow you to bet on the rider who wins the overall race. This is where some of the Grand Tours tend to appear.

Points and mountain classification markets focus on races for points. If you decide to play in this field, you will encounter bookmakers who will permit you to place wagers on the riders you expect to win the overall classification.

Match bets are not as concerned with the results of races. Rather, they try to compare and contrast the performance of two particular riders. You win if the rider you chose beats his rival.

It would help your choice of bookmaker immensely if you understood how MTB markets and bets worked. That way, you could choose a bookmaker that best appeals to the wagers you wish to make.

Of course, if you consult an expert, do not be surprised if common names like Betway and Sportingbet appear.